Top Five Useful AI Tools That Are Free To Use
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Hey guys welcome to this article, so in today’s article we gonna tell you Top Five Useful AI Tools That Are Free to Use. AI is grow rapidly in the Social media Industry. In last 2023 65% of companies are using AI in their business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning having been making headlines with tons of tools being released over the past year that can help people in their daily lives, some of these can be quite expensive. So coming up in this article, we’ll show you some best useful AI tools that you can use for free right now, some are completely free while others tools have limitation. We’ll go over those in the article with full details. So without wasting any time lest get start it.

Top Five Useful AI Tools That Are Free To Use:

1. Adobe Firefly:

A recent entry into the market is an AI image generator called Adobe Firefly. Which can be found at firefly., it’s currently in beta and completely free for you anyone to use right now after using around with this for a while while, its quite impressive. they have various tools for you to try out.

For example, if you go text to image, in the box below type your prompt try to be as descriptive as possible. So after entering your prompt click on generate. After a while you’ll  get to see some of the different photos, along the right you’ll have filters to help modify into your images the content type, is currently set to Art, when its switched it to none. The Adobe product you can surely expect they’ll start charging to use it in the near future, but let me tell you that its completely free for all user.

2. Murf AI:

Murf A, has a free version with over 120 voices and in 20 different languages. Here’s what the Muph AI looks like when you create your account and log in to it pretty simple. You have to start this tools by clicking creating a project and for a project title, you’ll going to type you name and next thing you have to do, select the type of project, which you will going to creating.

So here in the top field where you would enter text to the top left the UI and select the explore all option, now in  the top here you can sort by language and accent, if you are Indian, then you can stick Hindi, India and then you can choose either you a male or female narrator and you can also select different age group. Add your script in the Enter your text text box, click the Choose style drop down to select an emotion or voice style, you can also adjust the Speed and Pitch by dragging the sliders, and click Generate voiceover to listen to the voiceover. It can be used to create voice overs for presentation, videos, podcast and more.


So this is a simple, all you need to do that drag and drop the PDF to get started. Once it analysis, it completely give yo a summary of your PDF which is actually, really accurate, then you can ask PDF GPT question about your story, so for example may be its a long story, and you just want a know, how its end, so you have to write, for example ” how does the story end” and within a second the tools, give you the story ending even filled with references too. You can also ask specific question. This is a tools that is amazing for student,  whether if your doing school work, project for your school or any representing, thing, this tool is free and paid version both.

4. Jasper:

It’s actually one of the biggest AI in today,s date, it user likes 150 Millions something, so basically this is a writing AI tools, Now why, writing is importance for designer, well a lot of time designing website or a marketing material for a client and we don’t have text yet and we know lot of designer are struggling, with writing the text. So what we have here, is they have basically frame work for everything from website section to Facebook Ads to blog post they can literally do this for you, and its really really Interesting they have Template for framework.

So for example one of the classic frame works in selling, you will see this a lot, in social media as well, its call AIDA Framework which is basically attention, interest, Desire, action they have a lot more kind a like template. But let us tell you to use this, so at first you have open Jasper and then you have to enter a prompt, explaining them here about something. This AI hep you to make content for blog, social media, website and more very fast.


We have an all in one online video making tools, know as INVIDEO, with its simple and easy to use tool, you can create a powerful ads, YouTube videos, intros, promos and so on. It come with more than 5 Thousand free design template and more then eight million, stock photo and video and music track, you can use among it various free template or create your own. You can start making your videos by choosing one of its three style. It allow you to trim and crop part to the video, and also allows you to ads transition, sticker and tags according to your creation, and you can record voice over in to your videos, you can convert your text in to your speech and you can also edit when needed, it offer both free and paid plans, but the free plans you can access, 5 thousand video template to make 40 minutes long video and more.


So, in this article we have suggest you Top Five Useful AI Tools That Are Free To Use. So go and use these tools to get new experience, and if you have any doubt or problem then you can comment us in a section below. So we are going to end this article and will be right back soon in another article till now share this article to your friends, so have a nice day and bye bye.

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