Top Five AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning having been making headlines with tons of tools being released over the past year that can help people in their daily lives, some of these can be quite expensive. Many of these tools come at little to no cost yet offer remarkable capabilities, streamlining various task, while chat GPT shines as a top AI tool it has its limitations, it can do everything.

AI has become an essential part of our lives, transforming various industries and everyday aspects, but here something astonishing by 2030 AI is projected to add staggering 15.7 trillion to the global economy. In this article we will talk about Top Five AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind, these facts showcase the incredible, power of AI its remarkable influence on our world and the thrilling possibility it holds for the future. So lets start this article without wasting any time.

Top Five AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind:

1. Clipchamp:

Clipchamp is one of the most practical online video tools by providing many predefined templates and intuitive features. You can create beautiful social media post videos in no time, this is an excellent product by Microsoft. This tools is designed to improve the reach of your videos by adding accurate subtitle with AI not only does it add Subs, but its offer transcription too.

This tool helps in boosting your Co by using the transcript, you have to be a clip champ user to access, this is for free, just you have to upload your video, make subtitles, edit them to customize according to the video background and download the SRT files to share with others to use this auto caption feature.

You have to import the wanted video to clipchamp and add it the timeline click on the captions tab on the property panel and choose the Auto captions option from the drop down menu. A caption language detection window will pop up where you can select the languages, and tap on auto captions button to launch the process. Now you can preview the auto caption on your screen, so this is the process of clipchamp.

2. World Tune:

An AI powered chrome extension that helps you write better by offering suggestion for rewriting your text with its machine growing algorithms. Its analyzes your writing and provides alternative phrasing synonyms and sentence structure, just by doing some quick edits with this extension you can enhance the readability, clarity and conclusion of your writing in real time saving your efforts.

Its comes with a simple and easy to use interface allowing you to work across various platform including Gmail, Linkedin and Google docs. This extension comes in handy especially for those who struggle with the writer’s block grammar or finding the right words to convey their ideas. Additionally its is available in the free and premium version, while a free version offers a limitation of 10 suggestions per day, with the premium plans you can access unlimited editing and suggestions.

3. Sudo Write:

So this platform is more ideal if you’re looking to create a book, ebook, novel and but its not for blog posts made for writers, it is a tool that design to just help writer to create content more quickly and more easily, that’s really good and compelling and artistic and interesting.

So anyways, you can started for free and here you have to sign in with your Gmail and when you do this, you will get to see your dashboard over there, you can describe, for example in describe what you want a rough draft and enter and within a while you will get to see, a quick little paragraph that you wrote for the content post. So grab this tool to get a quick content writing.

4. Murf AI:

Murf A, has a free version with over 120 voices and in 20 different languages. Here’s what the Muph AI looks like when you create your account and log in to it pretty simple. You have to start this tools by clicking creating a project and for a project title, you’ll going to type you name and next thing you have to do, select the type of project, which you will going to creating.

So here in the top field where you would enter text to the top left the UI and select the explore all option, now in  the top here you can sort by language and accent, if you are Indian, then you can stick Hindi, India and then you can choose either you a male or female narrator and you can also select different age group.

Add your script in the Enter your text text box, click the Choose style drop down to select an emotion or voice style, you can also adjust the Speed and Pitch by dragging the sliders, and click Generate voice over to listen to the voice over. It can be used to create voice overs for presentation, videos, podcast and more.

5. Spin Rewriter:

If you want to claim the top spot on Google, then yo guys are gonna love this tool, called spin rewriter and it can rewrite a single article into 500 different article in like 45 second. So it has a things called text paraphrasing AI that can rewrite an existing article into unique quality article blog content is a really important part of SEO and that’s going to help drive new visitor to your website.But writing blog content alone, can literally be a full time job let along all the other task that you have to do as a business owner. So this tool can really help save you a ton of time.

But just make sure that you are going in into these articles , adding you own spin on it because, we want to make sure that you were creating original content that google is not going to flags as something has generating by AI, because there has definitely been some rumors out, that these tools can kind of like ding you in terms of SEO, so just be mindful of that.


Hopefully you now have a good sense of the features and benefits of each tool and can make an informed decision on which one is right for you. So thanks for reading the article we like this article and if you really like this article then you can comment us in a section below. Now we are going to end this article and will be right back soon in another article till now have a good day and take care.

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