The Best Crazy AI Tools in 2024
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AI is a technology that’s becoming popular day by day. As we are approached on 2024, there are many exciting AI tools which help you in many works.  AI(Artificial intelligence) is the stimulation of human intelligence of machinery or a software. Through AI, many people making money, the market is flood with AI tools, like ChatGPT, where you can write Blog or Website content or Write Social Media Content For Posts or Marketing.


A lot of AI tools have come on the internet, which is hard to know which ones are worth your time. So that’s why we have complete a list of the The Best Crazy AI Tools in 2024. AI is grow rapidly in the Social media Industry. In last 2023 65% of companies are using AI in their business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning having been making headlines with tons of tools being released over the past year that can help people in their daily lives, some of these can be quite expensive.


So if you really want to know about this tools then you have to read this article till end clearly, because in this article we will discuss about these tools with fully explanation, so without wasting anytime lets start this article.

The Best Crazy AI Tools in 2024:

1.Before Sunset:

Before Sunset is a small AI daily planner tool designed to assist busy professional in effectively planning their day with a range of features to optimize our productivity, the AI assistant can automatically, plan your day makes tasks actionable and even create sub tasks  by syncing with the calendar and to do list.


Before Sunset optimizes task and creates a perfect schedules tailored to the need, it could set up goals by tags and categories to do’s and the app will then add in some data like how long it will take add, how much time its available, if you need  to monitor how much time you spend on each task the time tracking feature is there enabling us to evaluate and improve the time management skills.


Its have a time blocking feature where you can allocate specific time slots for each task ensuring better organization and focus and the personal analytics section provides valuable insights into the productively patterns. So that you can make mindful adjustments to your planning approach and Before Sunset is completely free with unlimited to do’s and subtasks and the a pro plans starts at 9.99 per month which adds in weekly analytics and more advanced AI assistance run.

2. Jasper:

It’s actually one of the biggest AI in today,s date, it user likes 150 Millions something, so basically this is a writing AI tools, Now why, writing is importance for designer, well a lot of time designing website or a marketing material for a client and we don’t have text yet and we know lot of designer are struggling, with writing the text. So what we have here, is they have basically frame work for everything from website section to Facebook Ads to blog post they can literally do this for you, and its really really Interesting they have Template for framework.


So for example one of the classic frame works in selling, you will see this a lot, in social media as well, its call AIDA Framework which is basically attention, interest, Desire, action they have a lot more kind a like template. But let us tell you to use this, so at first you have open Jasper and then you have to enter a prompt, explaining them here about something. This AI hep you to make content for blog, social media, website and more very fast.

3. SciSummary:

The SciSummary is allows you to quickly summarize long scientific article and the interfaces is pretty simple, you have to upload a PDF document add a link or add in some raw text. SciSummary the allows you to configure your summary output with options like a synopsis key points and opportunities for future research each of these can then be configured further for length.


Now while most academic articles have abstracts, they can be quite verbose and actually pulling out the key information. It found to be very time consuming especially when researching for things like blog article or evidence based productivity or human performance topics size summary  really comes into its own with two key features firstly there’s a bulk summarize where you can upload a long list of all the Articles you’d like summarize and then these will all processed together and this just saves loads and loads of times for you.


This is a huge time saver as you often saves articles, together and then come back to read them all together later the seconds feature, then the PDF search ability this uses openAI document OA tools to enable you to chat with a PDF document that you upload which makes finding key information even easier, if you are in academia doing a PhD or you are just research things as a creator its completly free and a greate place to start with paid plans starting at 4.99 for more credit.

4. Kapwing:

Kapwing is a easiest way to edit video where you can text based video editing, slideshow editing, automatic video transcription or subtitle. Kapwing is a perfect tools that you can use for editing in today’s date. You can generate AI Video, while enter a topic and upload your video and with the help of chat GPT technology, you can create a stylized summary video about any topic for social media.


This tools have Text Based Video Editor, where you can easily edit video by editing text and Kapwing’s text-based video editor, remove any parts of your video by deleting text from the transcript in seconds. AI Image Generator, from you can get any photos, while texting prompt. Millions of creator trust kapwing to create video faster to save a time and batter with the help smart tools. Its have Smart Cut, remove video background, smart transcription, and more, Kapwing is the one editor that can help you to all.


Now if you don’t how to use, then simple you have to start a new project and upload a video to kapwing directly from your phone or computer, you can also paste a video URL link to upload to your project. Then you have to you can auto-trim with Smart Cut, enhance sound with Clean Audio, and create subtitles with Magic Subtitle. Next you have to export your final video, once your video is ready, you can download it to your device, or share it directly to social media.



So, in this article we have suggest you The Best Crazy AI Tools in 2024. So go and use these tools to get new experience, and if you have any doubt or problem then you can comment us in a section below. So we are going to end this article and will be right back soon in another article till now share this article to your friends, so have a nice day and bye bye.

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