The Best AI Tools You Won’t Believe Exist
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AI is taking over the world and it’s absolute what you can with it. Well from super creative AI videos to A song that sound real making a perfect clone of your voice and even AI animations. So in this article we will going to talk about the best most useful AI powered websites and tools, that will help you with your content creation and productivity.


From tools such as one where you are able to convert texts, into videos ready for social media, a tool where you can turn your podcast or YouTube videos, into an online course in seconds, to an AI tool that’s able to create a full landing page and website for your product or service, in just under 60 seconds.


Hello guy welcome to this article, so in this article we will going to talk about The Best AI Tools You Won’t Believe Exist. So AI is rapidly become a part of our world. Its sticking around and you will find AI or chat bots helping out with all sorts, of things online and lots of them are free. So if you are urge to know about these tools, the read this article till end. Now without getting late, lets start this article.

 The Best AI Tools You Won’t Believe Exist:

1. Lexica.Art:

Lexica is an AI art generator which can make pretty much anything you can think of and is a lot like mid-journey or stable diffusion, but much easier to do. So all you have to do is tap on generate then get started and once you’ve signed in with your google account, you can try in any description or prompt that you’d like artwork to be.


For example, if you write any command on prompt, it will automatically generate the phone whatever you typed. You can also browse through different categories, such as animals, landscapes, portraits, abstracts, etc. uses Stable Diffusion models to create realistic and diverse artworks.

2. Pictory:

If you interested in creating engaging video content and maybe you want to produce quality videos that will look professional, then this AI tools is best for you. Pictory is an online AI video editor that automatically extracts the best parts of your long-form content and creates highly shareable branded videos.


You can easily transform blog post, articles, and other text document into engaging videos with just a link as input source. Pictory AI might be powerful but it’s super easy to use. You can create professional videos in minutes and with just a few clicks. This tool provides full access to over 3 million licensed stock videos, images, and background music.


You want to create videos from your existing (written) content, you want to create videos without a human face, with only images and text, you have difficulties assembling the right footage for your video. Its supports video creation in 3 aspect ratios. It allows you to add narrations to your video , it has an extensive library of video, it has an extensive library of  video templates for different, brand and uses. Its basic plan start from $19/month for 30 videos and Premium plan: $39/month for 60 video.

3. Jasper:

It’s actually one of the biggest AI in today,s date, it user likes 150 Millions something, so basically this is a writing AI tools, Now why, writing is importance for designer, well a lot of time designing website or a marketing material for a client and we don’t have text yet and we know lot of designer are struggling, with writing the text. So what we have here, is they have basically frame work for everything from website section to Facebook Ads to blog post they can literally do this for you, and its really really Interesting they have Template for framework.


So for example one of the classic frame works in selling, you will see this a lot, in social media as well, its call AIDA Framework which is basically attention, interest, Desire, action they have a lot more kind a like template. But let us tell you to use this, so at first you have open Jasper and then you have to enter a prompt, explaining them here about something. This AI hep you to make content for blog, social media, website and more very fast.

4. 10


Creating a website required a lot of skill and training, you need to be professional several coding languages and you also had to design every thing and then you had to needed to writ each piece of code manually and only then you will be able to actually fill in a page with copy. This entire process could take weeks sometimes even month, depending on  the complexity, with the website. It was a long arduous and most importantly expensive process and in the late time.


Even the basic website could cost lot of charge, then came tools like WordPress and later Wix and Shopify and now matter how you put it building a good website however simple will still take a long time. With Tools like 10 you can use AI to build your entire website for you and it will design it, build it, write copy and even source and insert the imagery. In the matter of minutes you can go from having no website to have a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing website.


Here you can build or recreate any website with AI and get AI generated content and images in minute, build you e-commerce business with the help of AI, host your website on the fastest, fully automated hosting for WordPress that’s powered by Google Cloud or you can optimized you website to receive a 90+ Page Speed score. Either you can use these AI Tools in your own business or you can even start businesses around them. You may see, lots of people paying freelancers a few hundred dollars to make really basic website, but with these tools you can blow those freelancers out of the water in a minutes and even command higher prices while doing so.


So, this the The Best AI Tools You Won’t Believe Exist, we hope you like our article and if you have any doubt then you can comment us in a section below. Now we end this article here and will be back soon in another article, we hope you get the right information about these tools. So share this article to your friends, so have a blessed day and bye bye.

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