Top Five Best AI Voice Generators
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Hey guys welcome to this article, so today we will going to talk about Top Five Best AI Voice Generators. AI voice generators are getting insanely realistic you can clown you own voice, copy a celebrity’s voice and even change up the emotion and the tone.


The problem is that are loads and loads of AI voice generators out there and so it can be really difficult to know which ones offer the best text-to-speech features and which have the most realistic voices. With these AI voice generator you can create social media content and audio books, translate books and videos, and even learn a new language by talking with AI in real-time.


So in this article we will going to explore a Five best AI voice generators available today analyzing their features, benefits and drawbacks to help you find the best one for you. So without getting late lets discuss about that.


Top Five Best AI Voice Generators:

1. LOVO:

The Lovo is an AI voice generator used by thousand of business and content creator. This Feature packed platform helps you create engaging content with realistic human voices with over 25 different emotions. The software boasts a large library of 400 voices for marketing social media explainer videos, podcast and loads of other purpose too.


The voice are available 100 different languages, so that you can create content for your global audience its intuitive interface can be easily used and it contains everything you need to create a video too. Its also ideal for dubbing your videos with background music and special effects, currently lever has a community of half a millions creators who help with any queries you might have.


It comes with four simple pricing plans and obviously the option to use the pro plan for 14 days for free as well as the free plan which you can use forever. The voices are really realistic and you can get started very quickly with this simple interface.

2. 11-LABS:

11 Labs is one of the best AI text to speech tool out there, it’s super easy to use with a generous free tier allowing to choose from hundred of AI generated voices from the community in the voice library. You can then use the speech synthesis tool to input any text and have the voice you chose from the voice library read it out loud.


11 Labs most impressive feature ever is its voice lab which is ever to clone your own voice or create a new synthetic voice from just 60 second of audio, where other alternatives need 20 to 30 minutes and the result is pretty amazing too and the voices can be tweaked and edited pricing is usage based with high quality professional voice cleaning available on enterprise tiers.


The Speechify can turn text in any format into natural sounding speech based on the web the platform can take PDFs, emails, docs, or article and turn it into audio that can then be listed to instead of rad. The tool also enables you to adjust the reading speech and has over 30 natural sounding voices to select from.


The software is intelligent and can identify more that 15 different languages when processing text and it can seamlessly convert scan printed text into clearly audible audio. Speechify has also got mobile app and chrome and safari extensions and its really easy to use with newer features including audio book and more.

4. Murf:

Murf A, has a free version with over 120 voices and in 20 different languages. Here’s what the Muph AI looks like when you create your account and log in to it pretty simple. You have to start this tools by clicking creating a project and for a project title, you’ll going to type you name and next thing you have to do, select the type of project, which you will going to creating.


So here in the top field where you would enter text to the top left the UI and select the explore all option, now in  the top here you can sort by language and accent, if you are Indian, then you can stick Hindi, India and then you can choose either you a male or female narrator and you can also select different age group.


Add your script in the Enter your text text box, click the Choose style drop down to select an emotion or voice style, you can also adjust the Speed and Pitch by dragging the sliders, and click Generate voice over to listen to the voice over. It can be used to create voice overs for presentation, videos, podcast and more.

5. Synthesis:

This tool is one of the most popular and powerful AI text to speech generators as it enables anyone to produce professional AI Voice or AI Video in a few click. The platform on a leading developing algorithms for text to voice over and video for commercial use imagine being able to enhance your website explainer videos or product tutorials in s matter of minutes with the aid of a natural sounding human voice.


Synthesis is text to speech and text to video technology, which can transform your script into vibrant and dynamic media presentation. It has a bunch of great feature are offer including a large library of professional voices with over 30 female and 30 male voices and over you can create and sell unlimited voice overs for any purpose voices are extremely like life and compelling unlike some competing platforms and you can choose a specific emphasis on word and a range of emotions from happiness to excitement to sadness and more.


So, guys this the Top Five Best AI Voice Generators, we hope after reading  this article you get the good information about this tools, so go and use these AI tools and if you have any doubt or question to ask then you can comment us in  section below, we will try to solve your problem.

So now we are going to end this article and we will right back very soon in another article, till now if you like our informative article then you can share this article to your friends. So have a good day and bye bye guys


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