The Best Video Editing AI Tools
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Artificial Intelligence or AI is nothing but making computer based machine think and act like humans. Its a field of study in computer science that develop and studies intelligence machine. In today date AI taken big responsibility in peoples daily works, whether you are using for editing or any other work. AI is a leverage computer and machine to mimic the problem solving and decision make capability of the human minds.

Video editing is a great career options in the digital age, specially for teenagers. The  world is becoming digital nowadays, for which you can get many job opportunities sitting at home, one of which is editing.

One of the most easy way to earn money through AI based is video editing. Its can offers you editing services such like, individuals, Business or content creator. Leverage Ai video based editing capabilities to offer customization and personalization services to clients. One more option to earn money, by monetize your own video by editing and creating  your won content on YouTube or other platform. But if you zero knowledge about script then you can use ChatGPT, this will help to right strong content. So read the article till end to know the tools.

The Best Video Editing AI Tools:

1. Invideo AI:

The Invideo AI tools is a great video editor tools, for those who don’t know editing at all, these tools will allow you to edit video in a professional type. If you are freelancer and you have lots of customer, whom you cannot handle in a single hand, then for that  this AI video editing tools will play the big role in y our work. It will save your time and at the same time, it is going to make the customer happy as well.

Here you have to enter any topic and Invideo AI gets to work. It generates a script, creates scenes, adds voiceovers, & tweaks the video at your command. With invideo AI as your co-pilot, engaging your audience is effortlessly simple. You can Add instructions such as target audience & platform, and customize the look of your video.

Every generated video is unique. Make big or small changes to the generated video with simple text commands, just like you would ask your video editor. Change the script and media with an easy interface. Plus a fully-powered video editor to make it your own.

This is both free and paid to use. Here you will get YouTube Video Editor, Slideshow Maker, AI Talking Avatar, AI Script Generator, AI Text To Video, AI Video Editor, AI Video Generator, AI Faceless Video Generator and  AI Voice Generator. You can use many templates, like Business Video template, Youtube Video Template, Slide Template, Outro Video Template, Intro video Template, Advertisement video Template, Real Estate video Template, and social media video Template.

2. Descript:

Descript is something that has been around for a little while and it is an amazing video editing, podcasting, screen recording and transcribing service.

So whether you are creating videos or even podcasting and things descript is an amazing tool, so once you go ahead and open up a new project whether you import video or audio its actually going to transcribe all of that for you. You can actually edit your video or your audio as easily as editing a word document. Descript comes packed with powerful AI features to take your videos & podcasts to the next level.

It has transcribes your video clips automatically. It offers an end-to-end video editing experience, its allows you to change the layout for different aspect ratios easily. Its free  plan $0 for 1 hour of transcription, Creator plan $12/month for 10 hours of transcription Pro plan $24/month for 30 hours of transcription.

3. Kapwing:

Kapwing is a easiest way to edit video where you can text based video editing, slideshow editing, automatic video transcription or subtitle. Kapwing is a perfect tools that you can use for editing in today’s date. You can generate AI Video, while enter a topic and upload your video and with the help of chat GPT technology, you can create a stylized summary video about any topic for social media. This tools have Text Based Video Editor, where you can easily edit video by editing text and Kapwing’s text-based video editor, remove any parts of your video by deleting text from the transcript in seconds. AI Image Generator, from you can get any photos, while texting prompt.

Millions of creator trust kapwing to create video faster to save a time and batter with the help smart tools. Its have Smart Cut, remove video background, smart transcription, and more, Kapwing is the one editor that can help you to all.

Now if you don’t how to use, then simple you have to start a new project and upload a video to kapwing directly from your phone or computer, you can also paste a video URL link to upload to your project. Then you have to you can auto-trim with Smart Cut, enhance sound with Clean Audio, and create subtitles with Magic Subtitle. Next you have to export your final video, once your video is ready, you can download it to your device, or share it directly to social media.

4. Pictory:

Are you interested in creating engaging video content and maybe you want to produce quality videos that will look professional, then this AI tools is best for you. Pictory is an online AI video editor that automatically extracts the best parts of your long-form content and creates highly shareable branded videos.

You can easily transform blog post, articles, and other text document into engaging videos with just a link as input source. Pictory AI might be powerful but it’s super easy to use. You can create professional videos in minutes and with just a few clicks.

This tool provides full access to over 3 million licensed stock videos, images, and background music. You want to create videos from your existing (written) content, you want to create videos without a human face, with only images and text, you have difficulties assembling the right footage for your video.

Its supports video creation in 3 aspect ratios. It allows you to add narrations to your video , it has an extensive library of video, it has an extensive library of  video templates for different, brand and uses. Its basic plan start from $19/month for 30 videos and Premium plan: $39/month for 60 video.


So, in this article we have suggest you The Best Video Editing AI Tools. So go and use these editing tools to get new experience, and if you have any doubt or problem while using or reading then you can comment us in a section below. Now we are going to end this article and will be right back soon in another article till now share this article to your friends, so have a blessed day and bye bye.

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